10 Jan

hexscape screenshot

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Best Capstone 2 Project (2nd Trimester of SY2014-2015)

A princess was captured and imprisoned. She waited for her prince charming to rescue her but the princess got tired of waiting so she decided to escape on her own. On her way out, she discovered B.O.B. who could hex or manipulate different properties of objects to help her escape the manor.

Additional Notes:
My contribution: Background, props, effects and enemy arts. Level Design.
Thesis Project
Xbox Controller is necessary

Single Player

2D, cartoon-inspired, physics based, puzzle-platformer game
Manipulate obstacles’ properties to progress to the next levels
The player gets to manipulate their surroundings by switching properties of various obstacles

Development Team:
Jamaica Balbin
Lorianne Halago
Sheryl Lim

Jamaica Balbin
Cristjan Lazar
Anna Navarro

Story Writer:
Anna Navarro

Level Designers:
Sheryl Lim

Sound Designer:
Erin Yap


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