09 Jan


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People’s Choice Award (Incendium 1)
Best Capstone 1 Project (3rd Trimester of SY2013-2014)
Best Gameplay Award( Philippine Game Festival 2014)

After waking up as a reanimated skeleton and with all of the memories of his past gone, guide your character Dave and use his new found powers of taking himself apart and controlling his various body parts at will as he tries to regain his lost memories. Explore, solve puzzles and discover what fate led to him being lost in the underworld of Limbo!

Additional Notes:
My Contribution: Background, tiles and props art.
Best to have Xbox Controller

Alternate Keyboard Control:
A/Left Arrow key – move left
D/Right Arrow key – move right
W/Up Arrow key – move up (for arm only)
S/Down Arrow key – move down (for arm only)

SPACE – Jump/Let go(for arm only)

E – activate lever

K – Connect Body part

J – detach arm
I – detach head
L – detach leg

P – Pause

Enter/Return – Confirm/Exit Image

Esc – go back to main menu/pause menu(for gallery only)

Single Player

Classic platformer gameplay
Detach your head, arms and feet and use their special properties to help you solve the puzzles scattered around the underworld
Retrieve the scattered memories that you lost and uncover the events of your past life

Development Team:
Lorianne Halago
Sheryl Lim

Cristjan Lazar
Anna Navarro

Level Designers:
Cristjan Lazar
Erin Yap

Sound Designer:
Erin Yap


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