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hexscape screenshot

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Best Capstone 2 Project (2nd Trimester of SY2014-2015)

A princess was captured and imprisoned. She waited for her prince charming to rescue her but the princess got tired of waiting so she decided to escape on her own. On her way out, she discovered B.O.B. who could hex or manipulate different properties of objects to help her escape the manor.

Additional Notes:
My contribution: Background, props, effects and enemy arts. Level Design.
Thesis Project
Xbox Controller is necessary

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People’s Choice Award (Incendium 1)
Best Capstone 1 Project (3rd Trimester of SY2013-2014)
Best Gameplay Award( Philippine Game Festival 2014)

After waking up as a reanimated skeleton and with all of the memories of his past gone, guide your character Dave and use his new found powers of taking himself apart and controlling his various body parts at will as he tries to regain his lost memories. Explore, solve puzzles and discover what fate led to him being lost in the underworld of Limbo!

Additional Notes:
My Contribution: Background, tiles and props art.
Best to have Xbox Controller

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Save the Day

savetheday title

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ADMU JGSOM Best Batch Thesis 2014
Social Entrepreneurship Venture Day Manila 2014

Are you ready when the next disaster strikes? Disaster risk reduction has never been this cute and exciting. Save the Day! is the perfect game that educates its users about the dos and don’ts before, during and after a disaster in a way that will be fun for them. Such disasters do not only include natural calamities like typhoon, earthquake, tornado, etc. but environmental and social risks as well. MingMing counts on you so be quick in following the tasks that will appear on the screen.

Additional Notes:
My Contribution: Background and UI art. Programming.
Ateneo and Benilde students
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